Relinquishing Your Bird

Placing Your Bird with The Gabriel Foundation

The Gabriel Foundation has three programs for relinquishment:

To begin the process, we require completion of the Client Bird History and the Parrot Acquisition Contract.

Please understand that the demand for incoming birds is very high and our space is limited. As much as we’d like to, we are unable to accommodate every request. The wait list time will vary by species and circumstances. Recommending Other Parrot Welfare Organizations

The completed Client Bird History and Parrot Acquisition Contract returned to the Relinquishment Coordinator will put your bird(s) on the waiting list. Once the paperwork is received (and if approved), you will be contacted and given an estimate of when you might expect an opening in Quarantine. Quarantine opens to take in new birds approximately 4 times a year.

If you are experiencing behavior issues with your bird(s) and feel that placement with The Gabriel Foundation is your only option, we encourage you to consider a Behavior Consultation. We have many resources for you and are willing to work with you to try and make changes for your bird that will allow them to stay in their current home, or at least make the waiting time easier.

Relinquishment Documents

Please familiarize yourself with the options, requirements and documents listed above before contacting us. For further questions on placing your bird with The Gabriel Foundation, please complete the form below.

  • This information will remain confidential and never be shared. The data will be used only to track statistical trends for adoptions, relinquishments, and affiliated bird species.