How’s This For a Vacation Getaway?

The Gabriel Foundation’s Boarding Program can provide so many extras for your bird!



  • Freshly prepared diet twice a day including veggies, fruit, legume mash, sprouted seeds, dry seeds, nuts and pellets
  • Special Diets available upon request!
  • Fresh air and sunshine daily and time to play in our outdoor aviaries (weather permitting!)
  • Daily interaction with our specialized, “bird friendly” staff
  • Interaction and stimulation provided by other avian guests — all healthy and vet checked prior to entrance into our programs here
  • Extremely reasonable rates
  • PACFA licensed

Learn more: About Boarding Your Bird(s) at TGF

What is needed for boarding at The Gabriel Foundation?

A reservation is required. All medical testing verification must be provided prior to boarding*. We can provide a cage and food (unless on a special diet). We ask you to bring some favorite toys and special treats your bird would like!

Do I have a choice between boarding at The Birdbrain and The Aviary?

Yes! If you are boarding for 30 days or less, you have the option of boarding at The Birdbrain if you wish. We do not have the same type of outdoor accommodations up there but we try and find ways for the birds to safely get out into the fresh air for a bit. If you are boarding for more than 30 days, your bird will be at the Aviary in Elizabeth.

I want to board at the Aviary but it is too far for me to drive! Do you have transportation available for my bird?

Yes! You can drop your bird off at The Birdbrain and we will transport Birdie and “luggage” down to the Aviary and back up to The Birdbrain for a nominal roundtrip fee of only $25!

So, how much DOES it cost for all this great care?

TGF Members Get Great Discounts on Boarding Rates – It’s Time to Join and Take Advantage of Your Membership! TGF Boarding and Grooming Services Membership Application

Non-Member Daily Boarding Rates

*For First Bird in Family

Little Birds
Budgie (parakeet), Lovebird, Cockatiel, Forpus, Finch, Canary
Small Birds
Pyrrhura conure, Lorikeet, Quaker, Rosellas, Brotogeris, Polytelis, Neophema, Grass Parakeet, Diamond dove
Medium Birds
Small Macaw, Amazon, Pionus, Asiatic parrot, large Conure, Poicephalus, Lory, small Cockatoo (RB2, G2, BE2, Citron, Lesser), Eclectus, Grey parrot
Large Birds
Macaw, large Amazon, large Cockatoo (GSC2, Triton, U2), Vasa
Extra Large Birds
Hyacinth Macaw, Greenwing Macaw, M2


*Discounted rate for each additional bird from same family will apply.
Extended stay discounts apply for 14-29 days and 30+ days.

I’m sold! How do I make reservations?

Please complete our Contact Us form (make sure to select “Boarding” or “Long term Boarding” for the subject).

Limited space available so make your reservations early!

Note: For avian medical requirements, click here.