Ricky Roo – Moluccan Cockatoo

Ricky Roo's cost of care is $120 per month. Please help him and all the birds at TGF by fully or partially sponsoring him on a monthly basis.

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“Ricky, Ricky Roo!” That’s what you’ll hear when you meet Ricky Roo, a Moluccan Cockatoo. Ricky Roo is approximately 16 years of age, self-mutilates, and as such, is a parrot with special needs. He wears a vest device which keeps him safe.

His previous owner said that Ricky Roo enjoyed spending time outside in a tree in the yard. Here at TGF, Ricky Roo spends nice days outside with other cockatoos in the flight cages. He loves to work construction and is a great helper; he will bring you a screwdriver and many other tools.

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Ricky Roo


Moluccan Cockatoo


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