Chloe – Moluccan Cockatoo

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Chloe’s cost of care is $120 per month. Please help her and all the birds at TGF by fully or partially sponsoring her on a monthly basis.

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Chloe’s been with TGF for many years, relinquished due to her owner’s hardship. Chloe’s a special bird with a special condition – she has a long time history of self-mutilation and feather destructive behavior that started prior to her arrival at TGF. Chloe is an official greeter to visitors that come to the Aviary and Adoption Center. She catches everyone’s eye due her her adapted cage and her unique attire that is designed to cover her breastbone and chest which is where she mutilates.

Chloe’s a sweetheart of a cockatoo with her liquid dark brown eyes, soft kisses and sweet little voice. Instead of petting Chloe, we keep her day’s activities busy with foraging for her favorite treats, playing with her fleece, rope or sisal toys, or tearing cardboard pieces into bits, she’s at her best.

Chloe does appear to have some damage/abnormal curvature to her caudal spinal column. With Chloe’s history of self trauma to the area, she does have some discomfort but radiographs show no evidence of any obvious arthritic changes. Chloe receives some dietary supplements to support joint health, and she occasionally needs to be put on medication for discomfort. We don’t know if this spinal defect is due to an old injury or if it’s a malformation. It contributes to difficulty gripping a perch, so she now has wide lumber perches and special corner perches so that she can rest her hocks and remain secure.

Chloe gets to have her daily walkabouts and weather permitting, she spends time outside in the sun with some of her bird and people friends. Chloe has a good quality of life, and we can measure that by her activity, her interaction with people and other birds, her appetite, her weight, overall feathering and what her behavior looks like when she is in pain.

We’re committed to giving Chloe the care and attention she deserves. Chloe inspires and amazes us every day. She’s in need of a sponsor to love her just the way she is.

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Moluccan Cockatoo


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