Adoption Success Stories


There are more happy endings happening everyday, like these stories of Cyrano, Dapper Dan, A Tail of Two Friends, The Brady Bunch Meets the Jazz Singer, Piper, Cheech, and Emily.


CyranoCyrano was on time this AM for his Delta flight to GA for his move to his new home with Deb and Bob Allwein. The Allwein flock is numerous, and eight of their birds have been adopted or fostered from TGF for nearly 10 years. Both Deb and Bob are fantastic volunteers, and have donated hours of time and labor to help TGF over the past decade. Ironically, Deb knew and had visited Cyrano for years prior to his arrival at TGF. Deb had always known him as T-Bird, and every time they saw each other their friendship was renewed.

Cyrano came to TGF over a year ago when the bird store in which he resided closed. Not much information accompanied him, but we estimate him to be about 10 years old, and most likely wild caught.

Due to early inappropriate diet, Cyrano came to TGF with hemachromatosis, also called Iron Storage disease. He went from small and cramped quarters in his former location to an enclosure at The Birdbrain 4 times the size of his previous space. With the advice of Jerry Jennings, Emerald Forest Bird Gardens, and the excellent veterinary care of Dr. Jerry LaBonde and TGF staff veterinarian, Dr. Noel Opitz, gradual improvements in Cyrano’s physical condition turned him into one gorgeous toucan! He was finally able to get fresh air and natural sunlight when we moved his cage outside on good weather days.

Our decision to place Cyrano is one made with wistful joy – we are sad to see him go, but we could not provide him the tremendous amount of space he deserves and the opportunity to go outside more frequently than Colorado’s weather allows. It was time for him to fledge to his new life. For those of you that were Cyrano’s frequent visitors we hope you wish him the best. Thanks to Deb and Bob, he will get to enjoy many new opportunities that await him. -JWM

Dapper Dan

Dapper DanDapper Dan came to TGF in early 2009 along with seven of his flockmates, when their owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was adopted by the Books family in North Platte, NE and is thriving – and learning to read!

Ron Books writes:
Thanks so much for the adoption certificate. It is very cool to have that. Dapper Dan is getting along just fine. We sure got the right bird. Although he does act like a parrot every once in awhile, he is for the most part extremely quiet. He does turn his back on you when we have been gone longer than he thinks we should etc. Or he will take a nut and drop it or just peck at your hand instead of taking the nut.

About 4 or 5 month ago we came home and he had pulled out all but one of his tail feathers and we were scared to death that he was turning into a pluckier or something. But as you see he now has more tail feathers than he ever had before.

We are anxious to get him back outside when it gets just a little warmer.

The rest of Dapper Dan’s flock is still available for adoption – if you are interested in making your own Happy Tail, please contact Patti Christie at [email protected]

A Tail of Two Friends

Andy and SkyeWe met Andy, the most beautiful Scarlet Macaw in the summer of 2006. We had contacted TGF looking for a new friend. At first we were interested in the Green Wing. We had visited the Aviary a couple of times and met some of the birds, but no match.

By chance we went to the Bird Brain to purchase some toys for our flock, and met Rhonda who was the Adoption Coordinator at that time. She asked if would be interested in coming to the Aviary to meet a Scarlet Macaw named Andy who had recently become available for adoption. The rest is history!

The morning we arrived at the Aviary we saw Andy perched on a stand. Seeing him from a far we were already smitten. We visited him many times over several weeks, and each visit created more and more of a bond. We had an interview with Julie concerning Andy and we were approved to become Andy’s new forever home.

The next week Bo Bo our beautiful Blue and Gold macaw came with us to meet her new friend. When we brought her into the room she bellowed the loudest macaw Hi that had all the birds in the area turn their heads. Andy came home with us that Labor Day weekend!

Andy is a very sweet solid fellow. When Andy first arrived he had to become accustom to being handled by a woman. For the first two plus years he would stand on his stand and watch Judge Judy and War movies with much gusto. Adding oh no, ouch and various other words. He is a wonderful companion. We have not rushed him as we will spend the rest of our lives together. Every day he becomes much more trusting and loving. Now, he is playing with his toys and wanting to be held and played with.

I must tell a funny story about how perceptive Andy is. Our children and grandchildren came to see us one night. The children were full of energy, running through the house and were in rare form. When the evening ended, and the last child was out the door and on their way home. We walked to where Andy was perched and he looked at the both of us and said clear as day holy__, holy__, our exact sentiments.

Tragedy brought us to TGF again in the summer of 2009. Our beloved blue and gold Bo Bo passed away that spring at the age of 5 from heart disease. Our house just wasn’t the same without the energy of a blue and gold. We had an empty cage and empty hearts.

We contacted Patti and set a time to visit with a few blue and golds at the aviary. We met Pam who was so kind. She spent many hours with us as we visited with several different birds. We were about ready to leave for the day when Skye entered the room. Both Keith and I felt he might be the one. Later in the week Patti emailed and asked if we would like her to bring him to meet the birds. On that following Saturday we met with Skye again. We were becoming sure that Skye would be a good match for our family. We went back to the Aviary to visit Skye again. Skye was brought to our home to visit with Andy and that sealed the deal. Skye had found his forever home.

Skye is a wonderful fun and active bird. He has an extensive vocabulary and loves to talk to his best bud Andy. He hasn’t allowed us to scritch him yet, but every day we get a little closer.

Andy and Skye have great appetites. They are a pleasure to feed. Cheese is a special treat and if Skye had his way he would eat a pound at a time. Skye likes to drink his water from a glass. Now everyone wants to drink that way. What classy birds.

Our boys make every day a special one. Some days they are good and some days they are little stinkers and we would not have it any other way.

Thank you TGF and the TGF staff you did so much to make finding our new friends possible.

The Brady Bunch meets the Jazz Singer!

JazzyDawn and Todd combined their families – she brought 4 boys and he brought 4 girls and they still felt their home was not complete so they began looking for a companion parrot to add to the mix. After several visits with different birds, Fena, a female Umbrella Cockatoo chose them! Now named Jazzy (Jasmine) for her delightful singing abilities, Jazzy settled right into their hearts and home. The youngest boy provides hours of entertainment and a playmate for Jazz. Jazz will take the boys cars and trucks and slide them across the table, laughing with glee! She enjoys some down time when it’s time for naps in the house but it only recharges her batteries so she can be part of all the family activities. The family recently purchased an RV and are looking forward to a summer of family travel with Jazz (and the kids get to come too!). This active, busy household is an excellent fit for such an active, busy bird like Jazzy.

Their experience with the Gabriel Foundation adoption program and with Jazzy has been so positive that they decided to add Noah, a Timneh African Grey to their family as well. They have been bringing the kids to meet the next flock member and Noah is enjoying all the energy they bring. Lots of fun is in store for these 2 lucky birds!


PiperDear Miss Julie,

My name is Piper and I live with my foster mom Andrea. I have 3 bird brothers and 2 cat brothers, however, I am the princess of the house.Mom was going to send an update on me but I think she forgot. I can tell you how I’m doing without her help though.

I weigh an average of 148 grams and other than some beans, I like almost everything mom gives me. I get fruit and vegetables every day in my bowl or on a skewer, and mom puts great big leaves of different greens in funny
to eat and play with. I get oatmeal and grain cereal with raisins and cinnamon on the weekends and I love orange juice (but I don’t get too much of that). She makes us a warm cooked dinner every night and I always have fresh sprouts available. Mom’s really a champ for giving us chicken bones too.

I surprised mom with a wolf whistle the other day and she was jumping up and down and smothering me with kisses and things. I think she was very excited, although I have become more vocal in the last two weeks and she seems to like that. I have more interest in playthings in general now, but I’m still pretty selective about what interests me other than soft wood and chewables. She gives me new things all the time so I can peruse the selection to see if I’m interested or not.

I have my very own playstand, both upstairs and in our playroom downstairs. I’m a good sleeper and always get up in a good mood. I think it’s time for me to see Dr. Kris about another TB test and mom is going to schedule that soon. She says my eyes are bright, I’m very alert and active, and my feathers are nice and shiney. (I could’ve told her that!)

I have a big cage outside where I get lots of sunshine and can watch finches that come to our yard to eat. I love to take baths and mom has been looking for a nice big, shallow dish so I can get really soaked!

I guess that’s about it for now. I’ve been with my mom for a year now and I’m a happy little girl. Mom decided my birthday will be in December, along with my brother Harper, so I’ll get extra presents because it’s Christmas time too!

I’d better go now, before she sees me on the ‘puter.

Hugs from me,
Piper (and her mom, Andrea Frederick)


CheechWe brought Cheech home today, and he has fit right in. He’s already talking, whistling, showing an interest in the other birds and in us. I spritzed him with water today, and he loved it. Got him to come toward me a couple of times to get a peanut. TGF gave us his toys and his blanket so he has some familiar things in his cage. His cage is between Einstein’s (our Congo African Grey) and Cruiser’s (our Blue-Fronted Amazon).

Some pictures are attached. Thought you’d enjoy them.



EmilyHi Everyone!!

I am SO happy – my new Mom showed me that I am officially in my forever home! What a great present for the holidays. My Dad has promised to make me a brand new PVC playground, complete with a boing in the middle, for Christmas. I will be supervising so it is exactly the way I want it while he builds it. I think Mom will help too.

I love my fresh mash/sprouts/veggies in the morning & evening – and there are always lots of fun foraging toys to go through too. Sometimes I get my entire breakfast/dinner on the foraging tree in the sunroom! I love that because then I get to look in every bowl, hanging box and bag, to get all my yummies. We go out on the screened in porch at least twice a day. I like it until I see the vultures fly over and then I am really glad I am safe behind the screen. My feathers are so pretty and shiny now too – probably because I get to take a shower almost every day. Sometimes, I am not in the mood – so Mom only mists me a little and she understands. No matter what, she always tells me what a good bird I am!

My Mom makes me tons of fun toys (None of my favorites are store bought – does that make me spoiled??). She changes them around the cage and all my play areas all the time just to keep me guessing. I even have a new silver bucket with all my foot toys in it too! I think my Mom and Santa are bringing me a great new stainless steel toy from Grey Feathers – all fitted out with stuff to shred and chew – I kinda took a peak when I was walking around the other day – Looks like Mom is putting it all together – it is quite amazing and swirls like my boing – fun!

I am anxious to go see Dr Echols next year to see if he can fix my wing. I really think I would like to fly. But, if not, I think it will be OK. I almost always get to choose what I am asked to do. Mom is helping me not to be afraid to walk down out of my cage and take strolls. The dogs totally ignore me and usually get up and go out of the room – I must be really big and scary looking to them 🙂

Thanks to you all for helping me find my new family – Wing Waves & Beaky Kissies from me to you all!! Birdie hugs from “The Incredible Miss Ems”!

For anyone wishing to read more about the concept of animal Welfare VS Animal Rights (see our previous post this morning), you may download a short article from our dropbox, shared with permission:
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For anyone wishing to read more about the concept of animal Welfare VS Animal Rights (see our previous post this morning), you may download a short article from our dropbox, shared with permission:

Thoughts for a Sunday morning.
With much bird and animal tragedy in recent news stories, we often feel helpless about what can we do. How can we help? If we care about animals' welfare, how does that label us? Clarity on the differences between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights is a good place to start. Understanding how we evaluate animals' care when we apply the Five Freedoms for TGF's flock is central to our approach to our birds' welfare. What do you think? Share your ideas and photos with us about what these concepts mean to you.
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Thoughts for a Sunday morning.
With much bird and animal tragedy in recent news stories, we often feel helpless about what can we do. How can we help? If we care about animals welfare, how does that label us? Clarity on the differences between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights is a good place to start.  Understanding how we evaluate animals care when we apply the Five Freedoms for TGFs flock is central to our approach to our birds welfare. What do you think? Share your ideas and photos with us about what these concepts mean to you.