Volunteers and Familiar Faces

With the added help and support from our volunteers, we are able to do so much more than we otherwise could! Here are just a few of the areas they provide a helping hand:

  • Husbandry, produce pickup and food preparation
  • Website, social media and photography
  • Tour guides, outreach and educational events
  • Grounds maintenance and repairs
  • Toy-making and enrichment

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? If so, you can find more information here: Volunteering at The Gabriel Foundation

Shauna R.

Yahoo group moderator, Facebook and Beyond the Bird Basics Coordinator

Shauna RobertsShauna has been involved with birds since she was a child. She became involved with TGF as a volunteer in 1999 wanting to help improve parrot welfare and general education to the public. She volunteers her time to TGF overseeing our online Beyond Bird Basics, TGF’s Yahoo chat group and our Facebook page. She also is the list owner of the Feeding Feathers yahoo list and especially loves all things cockatoos.


Dawn G.

Website and Facebook

Dawn Garner and KokoIf you follow TGF on Facebook, then you’ve seen Dawn working at keeping you informed and providing you with pictures and statuses of our flock. She also volunteers at the aviary weekly, whether it be cleaning, taking photos, data entry or website work. She shares her home with Monkey (Green Cheek conure), Tizzy (cockatiel), Amigo (a TGF foster, quaker) and Aimee (Yellow-naped Amazon)… as well as a couple of rambunctious dogs.

Judy G.

Volunteer Liaison, Outreach, Events, Food Prep

20140220_175544_resized Judy was raised on a farm in South Dakota and had the opportunity to interact with all types of animals. She was always intrigued by the individuality of each animal. That led her to a life of concern for the welfare of all animals. Judy and her husband have various furred, feathered, and finned friends at their hours. She has volunteered at animal welfare groups for the last 14 years and is now helping The Gabriel Foundation with volunteer coordination, outreach, events, as well as her favorite task – food prep for the flock!

Elizabeth P.

Outreach Events and Tour Guide

Elizabeth PaynterA Michigan native she now resides in Franktown, Colorado with her family. If you’ve stopped by for a tour or have seen us at an event somewhere, you’ve probably seen Elizabeth and her Moluccan Cockatoo, Duchess. She acquired Dutchess from a little girl in her son’s 1st grade class, who inherited her from her grandmother. When the family could not find someone that they were comfortable selling her to, Elizabeth offered to take her. Her original owners were an abusive (to each other) couple, so Dutchess had some issues with loud noises and trust when she first got her. It’s been five years since then and she has fully gained her trust.

Suzanne F.

Outreach Events and Tour Guide

Suzanne has been a volunteer at The Gabriel Foundation since December of 2012 and is one of our favorite event and tour guide. She has a White-Eared Conure named Rio and just adopted Henry, an energetic Quaker that has quickly bonded with Suzanne’s family who also volunteers with TGF. The residents of Building C, especially the Cockatoos, get special attention when Suzanne is around. Suzanne is a substitute teacher for the Douglas County School District and also volunteers for Praying Hands Ranch and Homes for Our Troops. For her, being at the Aviary is like being with family.

Marianne B.

Outreach Events, Tour Guide, Photography and Aviary Husbandry

Marianne B w Whiffen cropA lifelong bird nerd, Marianne has been volunteering with TGF since 2013. She helps with husbandry, tours, outreach events, and just about anything else that comes up. Her flock includes Adina (Senegal), Nush (Sun conure), Lily (TGF alumna and Lesser Sulphur-crested cockatoo), Meeka (TGF foster and Finsch’s conure) and Abbey the sheltie. When she’s not at the aviary, Marianne is a wildlife ecologist working in environmental consulting.

Anne R.

Outreach Events and Husbandry

AnnRankSmithAnn is a retired RN of 30 years. She’s had the pleasure of sharing her life with companion Red-lored Amazon, Corona, for 27 years. He’s been the light of her life. When Ann retired from working with people, she made the decision to work with parrots and has been dedicated to the parrots at TGF for 3 years. During this time, she added saucy Citron cockatoo, Chloe, to her family and the 3 of them share stories. Ann has a real interest in behavior and learning, and she is a Monday staple at The Birdbrain where she can be found tidying the toy making area, changing papers, washing dishes and outfitting birds’ cages with new enrichment. She’s also one of the select few who provides regular shower duty to the flock at TBB.

Michael M.

Husbandry and Bird Transportation

MichaelMoretskyMichael has two grade school aged kids, a wife and 3 birds. He’s pictured with long time love Hahn’s macaw, Pepper, and also shares his life with Bean the lovebird, and Amiga, a Senegal adopted from TGF. He loves to fly south for the winter, and is an avid Seattle Seahawks fan. He’s a huge help at our Denver location, providing bird transportation, food procurement and helping out whenever asked. You can usually find Michael around TBB on Thursday or Friday.

Mary S.

Toy-making and Husbandry

Mary Stuart cropMary is one of our many dedicated and awesome volunteers at our Denver location. When Mary is not helping with the birds, she works as an advanced practice psychiatric nurse. At home Mary is owned by two birds; Esmerelda and Ringo. She has two children, four grandchildren and a husband of 35 years. Mary loves volunteering with us and tries to be here to help at every chance she gets.

Christina Aguirre

Outreach Events and Husbandry

Christina Aguirre

Christina is originally from Miami, FL and has resided in Denver, CO since 2006. She has grown up with many types of animals as pets, including dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish, horses, and even a hedgehog. She started volunteering with The Gabriel Foundation in August of 2013 after taking in her Indian Ringneck Parrot for grooming and touring the facilities. Christina has a deep love for animals and their welfare. She currently resides in Parker, CO with her two daughters, her dog Buddy, her two fish Posie and Dipper, and her five birds: Mowgli: 6-year-old Indian Ringneck, Pebbles: 20-year-old Gold-capped conure, Baloo and Bagheera: 1-year-old budgies, Yoshi: 7-year-old Quaker Parrot. In her spare time, Christina enjoys spending time with family, skiing, reading, and crocheting.

Deann S.

Sunshine Sitter, Toy Maker

Deann is one of our regular volunteers at our Denver location. There Deann and her son, Tyson, enjoy giving the birds some fresh air during warm afternoons. You can find Deann and Tyson in the front of our store being entertained by many of our non-flying flock. On the cooler days, Deann likes to make sure the birds are as entertained as possible, by creating new and exciting toys.

Tyson S.

Sunshine Sitter, Toy Maker

T.SpickardTyson is to be found at TGF’s Denver location on pretty much every Thursday. He and his mom Deann provide invaluable care and attention to our flock at The Birdbrain, and in fact have adopted 3 wonderful TGF birds – 2 senior Amazons and 1 female Eclectus. Tyson is especially good at interacting with many of our flock, providing an opportunity for them to be comfy with men as well as women. Making toys and other enrichment items for the birds are an important part of Tyson’s weekly foray into The Birdbrain.

Heidi and Christopher B.

Husbandry, Medical Foster Care

Marilyn W.

Outreach Events and Aviary Food Prep/Husbandry

Andrea F.

Outreach Events and Toy Making

Madison D.

Food Prep/Husbandry

Heather B.

Outreach Events and Tour Guide

Kameron M.

Outreach Events and Husbandry

Jill K.

Food Pickup

Carolyn W.

Food Pickup

Bob R.

Food Pickup

Ana H.

Food Prep and Husbandry