Meet Our Staff Members

Our valued employees are the heart and soul of our organization. They have the best interests of the birds at heart, and each and every one of them contributes to the success of our mission.


Avian Welfare: Trainer & Keeper/Bird Intake and Boarding Coordinator

Jessica BooneI started at the aviary as an intern/volunteer in April 2010 and eventually got a job in October 2010 as an aviary technician with The Gabriel Foundation. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I have a passion for birds but also am the caregiver for several other birds including 3 cockatiels, 2 Quakers, 1 Eastern Rosella and 1 Alexandrine. I am currently providing Off-site Long Term Foster care for 2 Greys (Sam, Samantha) and 2 amazons (Henry and Pickles). I chose to work at The Gabriel Foundation because I wanted to be able to help birds get adopted as well as give care to the birds the way that they should be taken care of.


Avian Welfare: Trainer & Keeper/Enrichment Coordinator

Bio PictureMelissa graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in the summer of 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  During her senior year of college she took a class in Animal Behavior and enjoyed it so much that the following semester she became the teaching assistant for the Animal Behavior lab.  It was during that class that she decided she wanted a career working with animals and studying their behaviors.  Soon she began volunteering at the Denver Zoo in the Lorikeet Adventure and as a keeper assistant in the Education Department and Wildlife Show Department to gain experience with a variety of animals.  It was her time spent in the Lorikeet Adventure that sparked her interest in birds.  In October 2012 she started volunteering at The Gabriel Foundation and discovered how fascinating and quirky birds can be.  She started working with The Gabriel Foundation in March 2013 and loves every minute of her time spent here.  Melissa has welcomed two cockatoos into her household… Lady Anna and Pearl!


Operations Coordinator

KellyKelly joined The Gabriel Foundation in 2010 as an HR Consultant.  She has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Sales and Operations Management. She is certified as a Senior Human Resources Professional. Her consultant role has continued to grow and she provides operational oversight services to TGF and The Birdbrain. She has worked as a Human Resources Consultant for small- to medium-sized organizations, in all types of industries. She has worked primarily for service-driven retail environments, Neiman-Marcus, May Co. Los Angeles, The Denver Dry Goods, and Kacey Fine Furniture. She is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management, and the National Human Resources Association. She has been past President of the Board of Directors for Ballet Nouveau, State Membership Vice President for Colorado Business and Professional Women’s Network and alumni of the Denver Chamber of Commerce Leadership Denver Program.


Avian Welfare: Lead Husbandry Technician & Food Prep Supervisor

Brenda CardenasBrenda provides the utmost care for the flock of The Gabriel Foundation. She has been with TGF for many years and is a familiar face to those who stop by The Birdbrain. Kindness, compassion and exceptional care are just a few of the qualities that Brenda brings to her job. The flock (birds and people) appreciate everything she does daily. Brenda and her family have a number of their own birds at home.


Avian Welfare: Aviary Technician

Marcos likes to bring the birds in and out of their outdoor flights, but does not have any birds of his own at home.


Avian Welfare: Lead Aviary Technician

Sergio loves birds and the work that he does at TGF… so much so that he adopted an Amazon, Jake from The Gabriel Foundation. Sergio is happy that his experience at TGF has helped him learn about proper care for birds. His favorite thing to do at work is take the birds out to play.


Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician

His favorite thing is to bring the birds to the outdoor flights and watch them enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Alonso does not have any of his own birds at home, but with persuasion from his co-workers, you never know what will happen in the future.


Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician

I became a bird lover the moment I started with the Gabriel Foundation. I love the birds for their similarities to children. The birds are loving and kind when you get to know them well. I find it amazing how many new things we learn about them each and every day. I have no birds at home for now.

Kim Administrative Assistant

Amanda  Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician

Holly  Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician

Justice  Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician

Miranda  Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician

Kaylee  Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician

Emily Avian Welfare: Husbandry Technician