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In an effort to assist the general public with as much resource information as possible, The Gabriel Foundation has provided a varied selection of Web Site links to other Parrot related organizations and businesses. Web Site links chosen by The Gabriel Foundation are evaluated according to criteria outlined in our Internet Link Selection policy. If you or your organization would like to be included/or removed in regard to this application, please notify:


 Animal Law

These websites are great resources regarding animal welfare statutes. These links also give information on bills pending in the state and national legislature that affect companion and wild animals. Some even provide legal help and support for animal welfare cases.

Animal Legal Defense Fund

For information regarding animal hoarding information

Animal Law

Lewis & Clark Law School – Portland, OR

International Institute for Animal Law

Animal Legal Defense Fund

For nearly a quarter-century, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been pushing the U.S. legal system to end the suffering of abused animals.

Animal Protection Institute Pet Shop Laws

Animal Rights Law

Anti-Cruelty Statutes listed by state

The Fund for Animals

We speak for those who can’t

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Avian Health

Please enjoy this collection of avian medical and holistic information. But always remember, there is no internet information that can substitute for a hands-on, experienced and qualified avian veterinarian.

Association of Avian Veterinarians

Advancing and Promoting Avian Medicine and Stewardship


AVMA Holiday Pet DON’Ts

Holiday Pet Don’ts


AVMA Microcripping of Animals

Note: Birds are generally microchipped in the L. side of their breast in the pectoral muscle. With the newer RFID microchips, birds even under 100g. are able to be safely microchipped. Generally, there is little to no blood when the chip is inserted into the muscle. Because the process is so quick in the hands of a skilled veterinarian with a special interest in avian medicine, TGF’s attending veterinarians seldom recommend anesthesia. There are risks associated with anesthesia, and current veterinary opinion is that the dangers of the anesthesia outweigh any possible pain response during insertion. TGF’s position is that a microchip is a safe and secure form of bird ID, especially if a bird is not banded, or goes unrecorded or is removed.


FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts


Net Vet & The Electronic Zoo

An amazing collection of bird related information compiled by a veterinarian

EXTOXNET Pesticide information database

Fight the Bite

Tips on preventing West Nile Virus

Gillian’s Help Desk

Gillian Willis is a pharmacist and toxicologist. She is considered an “expert” in matters of poisoning and toxic substances in birds

Holistic Bird Newsletter

Devoted to Health and Healing of Avian Mind, Body, Spirit

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Animal Welfare

AWI’s Aims and Goals
Through engagement with policymakers, scientists, industry, and the public, AWI seeks to:

Abolish factory farms, support high-welfare family farms, and achieve humane slaughter for animals raised for food;
Improve the housing and handling of animals in research, and encourage the development and implementation of alternatives to experimentation on live animals;
End the use of steel-jaw leghold traps and reform other brutal methods of capturing and killing wildlife;
Preserve species threatened with extinction, and protect wildlife from harmful exploitation and destruction of critical habitat;
Protect companion animals from cruelty and violence, including appalling conditions in commercial trade; and
Prevent injury and death of animals caused by harsh transport conditions.


Animals and Society

We lead the development of Human-Animal Studies, which explores the relationships between humans and animals – See more at:


Avian Veterinarians

The Gabriel Foundation is proud to partner with the best avian veterinarians in the country.

Homestead Animal Hospital

Centennial, CO – Dr. Jerry LaBonde

Goldenview Veterinary Hospital

Golden, CO – Dr. Kris Ahlgrim

Medical Center for Birds

Dr. Brian Speer has an exclusively avian practice in California. This site also contains informative articles on bird care.

The Bird & Exotic Hospital

Read an article on nurturing your African Grey’s confidence by Dr. Rolfe.

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Avicultural Resource

Position Statement: The Gabriel Foundation is pleased to support responsible and ethical breeders who implement the very best standards of care for the needs of the psittacine and parrot-like birds raised and housed in their aviaries. They are dedicated to the environmental and psychological nurturance and enrichment of these birds’ lives, pursuing continuing education in the fields of aviculture, husbandry, behavior and veterinary care.

American Federation of Avicultural

Avalon Aviary

The Best in the West for delightful companion parrots and supplies

Avicultural Society of America

American Federation of Aviculture

International Aviculturists Society

Dedicated to the Birds of the World!


We invite you to explore our site, which contains information about many species of lories, as well as tips on lory ownership.

Birds Online

Everything about budgies and their feathered friends.

Lovebird Project

A Great Science Project

Santa Barbara Bird Farm

Breeder of “Abundantly Weaned” Parrots

Cornell Lab

All About Bird Biology

California Parrots

A website of information for parrots large and small

The National Cockatiel Society

The National Cockatiel Society is a community of cockatiel enthusiasts.


What is clicker-training?


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Bird Clubs & Parrot Societies

A quality bird club can be wonderful support after you have adopted a companion parrot. Bird clubs often have qualified speakers on many topics, such as diet, health and husbandry. Often, they have informative newsletters, and they host fun events where parrot keepers can socialize and compare notes. Please keep in mind that any health, diet or behavior issues addressed in this setting should be verified by an avian veterinarian or behaviorist. Many bird clubs encourage their members to bring birds to the scheduled meetings. Before doing so, you should make certain that there are adequate veterinary medical testing procedures required for birds in attendance, so that no infectious or contagious diseases are passed from an ill bird to a healthy bird. Your avian veterinarian can help you with this decision.

The Amazona Society

The Amazona Society is an organization of international aviculturists with headquarters in the United States of America serving as the voice of companion Amazon parrot owners and breeders.

African Parrot Society

Home of the African Grey Parrot, the Poicephalus Parrots: Brown-Headed, Cape, Jardine’s, Meyer’s, Niam-Niam, Red-Bellied, Rüppell’s, Senegal, Yellow-Faced, and the VASA Parrot.

Colorado Avian Resource, Inc.

CARI is a non-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado, and dedicated to promoting the well-being of all avian species.

Quaker Parakeet Society

A fun site for people who love Quakers!

The Avian Protection Society

The Avian Protection Society is an e-mail group formed in March of 2001 focusing on problems facing captive birds. We post issues relating to neglect, abuse, rescue, rehabilitation, education, etc.

Minnesota Companion Bird Association

The Aviary

A regional list of Companion Bird Clubs

The Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture

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Having a parrot in the home often inspires a broader concern about their fate in the wild. As a person who shares a life with one or many parrots, it is up to each one of us to take an interest in the future of parrots in the wild. Many of our companion parrot species are threatened or endangered in the wild due to habitat destruction and the poaching and exportation of parrots as pets. As responsible parrot owners, we should support the work of groups that are trying to preserve the environment and stop the capture of wild birds. Many U.S. charitable or not for profit organizations are listed on . This site can be helpful in determining an organization’s program expenses and where donated funds actually end up.


American Bird Conservancy

One of the leading bird conservation groups. They work hard to protect birds all around the planet.

Boreal Forest Conservation

An alliance working to save the pristine Canadian Boreal Forest

Bird Life

Images of the Macaw

Beautiful photos and images shot on location in Peru and Bolivia.

Indonesia Parrot Project

Helping to Conserve Endangered Indonesian Cockatoos and Parrots; Helping to Provide Sustainable Income for Local Villages; Serving as a Source of Information and Education and Improving the Welfare of Parrots in Captivity



Travel to South America-Peru’s only travel organization with all net proceeds supporting conservation projects throughout Peru


Loro Parque

Loro Parque is open every day, all year round. We hope you will soon visit us and thus become one more passionately in love with the life on planet earth.

Loro Parque Fundacion

Our mission is to conserve parrots and their habitats, through education, applied research, responsible breeding programmes, and community-based conservation activities that use parrots as ambassadors for nature

Manu-Peru’s Hidden Rainforest

Reader’s Digest World presents “The Living Edens”

National Wildlife Federation University

An online university where you can learn how to take care of the wildlife in your backyard.

Parrots International

Parrots International’s ambition is to promote the conservation of endangered parrot species and to improve the lives of companion parrots.

Stalking the Wild Amazons

Your involvement helps to make this research possible!

The Golden Conure Fund

Save them from extinction

The Wildize Foundation

Dedicated to sustainable protection and conservation efforts with respect to Earth’s diminishing wildlife, habitats and indigenous cultures. If WE don’t care, who will?

The World Parrot Trust

“If man can save the parrots, he may yet save himself”

Wild Birds Unlimited

Discover the refuge in your own backyard.

Profauna International

Help protect Indonesian wildlife.

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General Resources

The Internet has a vast collection of parrot related sites. These links have been reviewed by our staff, and they are run by responsible people with a genuine interest in avian welfare and good husbandry. Please remember to use good common sense and nurturing principles in mind when reviewing any Internet articles. There are also some fascinating e-mail and chat groups available.

911 Parrot Alert Digest

Great resource for lost and found birds

Birds for Dummies

Great links from the for Dummies Collection:

Bird’s Eye View

Artscape, the leader in privacy and decorative window film, developed Bird’s Eye View to help reduce birdstrikes by making the glass more visible to our fine feathered friends. Our unique geometric lenses refract UV light and have proven highly effective in reducing bird window collisions.


Ten Most Common Pet Toxins

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center handled more than 167,000 calls in 2014. Read our list of the ten most common pet poisons of the year and find out how to protect your pet from harmful toxins.

Avian Web

The Ultimate Bird/Parrot Resource


American Racing Pigeon Union

General information on Pigeons and Doves.


New American Pigeon Lofts



Bird Hotline

Your World Wide Lost & Found


Bird Life

This site is dedicated to providing resources for our Avian friends and those who are owned by them

Birds 411

Welcome to one of the largest resources of Avian links on the Internet


Cheep Parrot Toys

We’ve got pages and pages of cheep, feather-pleasing toy ideas & instructions here.

Golden Triangle of Denver

Founded in 1993, the Golden Triangle Association (GTA) is a volunteer-powered registered neighborhood association.

Harley’s Perch

A Macaw website

Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium

Research information on animal hoarding

International Exchange on Hoarding

An international forum for service providers dealing with hoarding

International OCD Foundation

Types of hoarding, including animal hoarding

Look in Here

A great website with book reviews and information about all things parrot.


The definitive site about Lorikeets. American Lory Society Flyer 1


Lost and

The Internet Lost and Found


Macaw Dreams

A fun, informative website about expanding your macaw’s world


National Anti-Vivisection Society

Credible answers for a cruelty-free world!

Parrot Enrichment Blog

Inspiration and a wealth of ideas to enrich the environment of your parrots by Kris Porter.

Parrot Toy Angels

Our group is committed to providing toys to parrots in need. We realize, unfortunately, we can only help 1 bird at a time…but that’s a beginning, isn’t it?

Parrot Trick Training

Home of the Two Top Trick-Performing Birds in the United States Squawk, a Blue-crowned Conure & Cassie, a Black-headed Caique.


PARROTDATA is a forum that collects and reports data and news about Parrots, and helps keep the dialog going between people with verying interests and beliefs concerning Parrots.


Complete Bird Care – Soquel, CA

Parrotscience, one of the most popular pet birds sites on the internet has undergone a major facelist and revision. Established in 1996, it has been featured in countless newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Quality, Trust, Ethics & Education

PJ Publications

For people who want to express their passion for animals through meaningful careers


Scooter Ware

Home of Mr. Scooter the “First Bird of Rock”, a member of Hudson Valley Records recording artists Full Moon Bay, with a legion of fans known as Scooter Rooters and now head of his own line of apparel & gift products – ScooterWare!

The Feather Picking Website

This site is devoted to owners of birds that engage in feather-destructive behaviors such as chewing, plucking, barbering and pulling of feathers, and skin mutilation.

The Parrot Pages

The best Pet Bird owner is an informed owner. The Parrot Pages are here to provide information and a home for avian products, breeders, clubs, and organizations.

Those Majestic Macaws

Our site is intended to be fun and provide useful information concerning Macaws, their health and behavior.

This Wild Life

The Internet’s most complete source for Pet Bird care and information


Val, the little Macaw who could!

What makes an Expert and Expert?

Article on how to distinguish reputable parrot organizations, breeders, etcetera

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Parrot Artwork

Looking for a gift for a bird loving friend (or a treat for yourself?) Please check out our wonderful selection of artists who are inspired by parrots.

Avians in Oil

I specialize in pet portraits of the feathered kind.

Beyond Batik

If you love nature, birds, parrots or horses, you will find some great items here!

Cherokees of Manitou

Unique exclusive art

Doggone It! Every Dog’s a Diva

Great dog, cat and BIRD photography from Karen Biderman. Check out our Gabriel Birds on her website!

Gail Sibley

These wonderful tiles have been designed and hand-painted by Canadian artist Gail Sibley. Each tile is individually painted so no two are exactly alike.


Janet Leroy

Original hand painted feather artwork

Nancy Wilson’s Rainbow Originals

Beautiful hand painted parrot agates


Shawna Roberts

Original avian artwork-100% of proceeds go to The Gabriel Foundation

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Parrot Products

The Birdbrain is a product and educational resource for care givers of companion birds from finches to macaws. We provide the finest quality products and support for the complete psychological, physiological, and environmental needs of your bird. Your purchases allow us to provide for the parrots of The Gabriel Foundation®. WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE * WORLDWIDE SHIPPING In Gratitude: I am indebted to my colleagues and friends, human and feathered, for their support and contributions to this website. The cumulative years of insight and wisdom presented in the stories throughout the site serve to enrich the lives of all companion parrots if we are to fully accept and understand the responsibility of stewardship inherent in living with these most wondrous of animals – parrots. ~ Julie Weiss Murad ^ Back to Top

Publications & E-Zines

Informative publications, books and magazines cannot be beat for up to date information about how to care for your companion bird. Reading current issues is a great way to keep up with all the news in the avian world. Many of these magazines contain articles by respected avicultural professionals in diverse fields. Visit this page frequently for current updates.

Good Bird Inc.

Good Bird™, Inc. is the ultimate resource for information on parrot behavior and training. We focus on methods that promote the use of positive reinforcement to address behavior problems, reduce stress, train behaviors and enrich lives.

Egg Laying Parrots

Parrot Chronicles

The on-line magazine for parrot lovers!

Parrots Magazine

If you have a parrot, want a parrot or love reading about them then Parrots magazine is the answer.

The Companion Parrot Quarterly

The Companion Parrot Quarterly, edited by parrot behavioral consultant, Sally Blanchard, is a unique magazine dedicated to providing bird owners with the information they need to have and/or raise the best companion parrots possible.

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Sanctuary & Welfare Organizations

The Gabriel Foundation® provides sanctuary for some birds that for health, and/or personality reasons cannot be placed with the public. There are numerous organizations around the world that provide sanctuary for these unwanted pets, some also provide for adoptive services. These links are provided to assist the public in locating a Sanctuary facility near them. Their appearance does not indicate sanctioning or endorsement by The Gabriel Foundation® due to a lack of nationally accepted and monitored standards of care.

Bird Placement Program Parrot Refuge

Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon

Our mission is not only to place our birds in proper homes, but to provide potential bird owners with the proper education and training to handle the care of these wonderful animals.

Feathered Family

Feathered Family is a place where people with companion birds can come for most anything, from getting a bit of advice to finding a home for their companion


Foster Parrots Ltd.

Parrot Rescue, Adoption Sanctuary – Rockland, MA

Parrot Rescue, Adoption & Education – Surrey, BC, Canada

Humane Research



Captive Bird Rescue, Adoption, Sanctuary & Education – Stillwater, MN

National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation

National Parrot and Preservation Foundation rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes displaced parrots. We are committed to the education of the public in all matters relating to parrots and networking with parrot related organizations.

Northern Kentucky Parrot Rescue

Parrot Adoption Education Program

Parrot Rescue & Adoption – Minnesota


Parrot Education & Adoption Center (PEAC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization based in San Diego with chapters in Cleveland, OH, Pittsburgh, PA and Anchorage, AK


Pittsburgh Parrot Rescue

Parrot Rescue, Adoption & Education – Pittsburgh, PA



Quaker Parakeet Rescue and Placement Program – Brewster, OH



Rescue and Adoption – Tucson, AZ



Urban Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation – Denver, CO


Wilson Parrot Foundation

Parrot Rescue. Adoption & Education – Damascus, MD

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Hi All! Announcing a BIG change. Welcome to TGF's Adopters' Group, formerly TGF's Greys Group.We are excited to read your posts, see your pictures and keep in touch with you. After more than 22 years of bird adoptions, we think it's about time to hear from you. Please share your stories, questions, concerns, and news. We welcome you all. ... See MoreSee Less

Hi All! Announcing a BIG change. Welcome to TGFs Adopters Group, formerly TGFs Greys Group.We are excited to read your posts, see your pictures and keep in touch with you. After more than 22 years of bird adoptions, we think its about time to hear from you. Please share your stories, questions, concerns, and news. We welcome you all.

3 days ago

The Gabriel Foundation

Pay it forward at The Gabriel Foundation through adoption or sponsorship

BJ and Beaky make it easy for you to pay it forward at The Gabriel Foundation. This newly formed Mitred conure pair is looking for a conure friendly home with an opportunity for outdoor time. Prepare to enjoy the never-ending antics and charm of these two. With their adoption, The Gabriel Foundation will be able to assist two more birds in need. Learn more about our adoption process here:

Not able to adopt? BJ is still in need of support through our sponsorship program. With BJ's sponsorship, not only are you ensuring BJ's high quality of care continues here at The Gabriel Foundation, you are also providing another bird with the opportunity to come into our care. To sponsor BJ:
... See MoreSee Less

Pay it forward at The Gabriel Foundation through adoption or sponsorship

BJ and Beaky make it easy for you to pay it forward at The Gabriel Foundation. This newly formed Mitred conure pair is looking for a conure friendly home with an opportunity for outdoor time.  Prepare to enjoy the never-ending antics and charm of these two. With their adoption, The Gabriel Foundation will be able to assist two more birds in need. Learn more about our adoption process here:

Not able to adopt? BJ is still in need of support through our sponsorship program.  With BJs sponsorship, not only are you ensuring BJs high quality of care continues here at The Gabriel Foundation, you are also providing another bird with the opportunity to come into our care. To sponsor BJ:

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